Enter My World LP by Digital Nottich

Release Date: 23 April 2012 | Released by:
Genre: Dubstep/ Electro-House | Tracks: 16

Music is the way for me to understand your world and to express mine. Hence the title "Enter My World". The general idea was to mash up the best of my tunes through the years and to show all my abilities and experiences in one project. The playlist is bustling with various sounds, that takes you through a journey into my world, drawing you a sketch of my story. It all begins with the sounds of the traditional Bulgarian folklore - music and culture, only to take a step down to the dark places of my world, and to rise back up to the chill vibes! Loudest shoutout goes to moz /mazalo.creative/ for delivering a shiny mix and mastering the whole project! Thanks to daffy /mazalo.creative/ for the banging cover. Much love to my good friends Ergo and Boyan Merdzhov for all the support, criticism and ideas. Respect to Smo, Della and Killa B33 for the awesome joints we skinned up together and to Blunt Bashment Foundation for their overall support. Special thanks to Alexandrina Ilieva for everything she did.



This release is published under the "creative commons" license and it is free to download.